Project: Modernisation of SCADA System and Control System

For “Dr. Oetker Frischeprodukte in Moers”, specialised in milk dessert products, AUTEC was able to implement another modernisation project. The special challenge in this project was changing production over to the new system while operation continued, i.e. without any production downtimes.

This meant that tests had to be carried out at weekends when production was not running. On Sunday mornings, the production plant was connected to the new control system for testing purposes and reconnected to the existing control system again in the evening.

Scope of the project:

  • The mixing tank area was integrated into the AUTEC SCADA system “ECSwin”.
  • The SIEMENS S5-155U control system was replaced with an S7-417 system.

The AUTEC recipe system “ECSreco” was further optimised to satisfy the high demands regarding parallel processing of mixing programs, the calculation and correction of setpoints using a special mixing ratio formula.

The integration of weigher control systems, raw material tanks as well as the connection to other control areas and to the internal quality system rounded off AUTEC's service.

The functional specification document produced in close cooperation with the customer enabled us to implement quite a few optimisation proposals.