Project: Automation of the Brewery's Fermentation Cellar


  • Migration of the control system from SIEMENS “SIMATIC” S5 to S7
  • Upgrading of the AUTEC SCADA system “ECSwin” to the latest version
  • Based on WinCC 7.0
  • Integration of two highly modern fermentation and storage tanks

As part of the complete S7 reprogramming, the integration of the AUTEC recipe control system “ECSreco” was optimised and the program structures for the individual control tasks were revised. In the new system, all parameters for the step sequences are clearly organised in a database and can be documented and analysed via MS Excel.

The old SIMATIC S5 control system, which was susceptible to faults, was replaced by the new and modern S7 control system, so that tank cooling could be controlled by the new S7 system on the very next day. Just one week later it was possible to go live with the modern AUTEC SCADA system “ECSwin” for the entire wort cooling area.

During the two-week conversion and commissioning period, only four hours were lost in the production plan compared with normal operations under the old S5 system.

Benefits of reprogramming and the new technical units:

  • Increased fermentation and storage capacities
  • Higher efficiency of the production process
  • Optimised utilisation of energy due to the modern cleaning technology