Project: Modernisation of the Control System for a Malting Floor in a Brewery

To maintain the customer's competitive edge in the future, AUTEC was entrusted with another brewery modernisation.

The complete modernisation of the control system for the malting floor comprised:

  • Malt reception with control of the receiving scale
  • Complete silo management with batch tracking
  • Malt discharge from 10 silos into day silos
  • Conveying to the 'Maischomat' mashing system in accordance with the brewing plan
  • Dust extraction system for the entire plant

As part of hardware modernisation, the old “Steinecker control system” was replaced by the AUTEC SCADA system “ECSwin”, which is now controlled via 24 inch multi-monitors.
The S7 control system was fully reprogrammed. AUTEC revised all program structures for the individual control tasks and optimised them for the AUTEC recipe control software “ECSreco”.

With the new malting floor programs and the upgrade to the AUTEC program “ECSreco”, the brewery can experience the benefits of a consistent recipe management, optimised production planning and sufficient spare capacity for future extensions.

Commissioning of the modernised systems did not cause any loss of time as it was possible to use standstill periods for the normal brewing break periods.