Project: Modernisation of the Brewery's Fermentation Cellar

As a result of increased competitive requirements, the Danish brewing company “Carlsberg Group” has modernised the two subsidiaries “Lübz” in Mecklenburg as well as “Holsten-Brauerei” in Hamburg together with AUTEC.

The project comprised:

  • Full changeover to the AUTEC SCADA system ECSwin
  • Upgrade of WinCC 6 to version 7 of the program
  • Migration of the control system from SIMATIC S5 to S7

In the scope of hardware modernisation, the two old redundant WinCC servers were replaced and an additional, highly available database server was installed for the AUTEC recipe management “ECSreco” for the entire brewery. The program structures for the individual control tasks were revised and optimised when reprogramming the S7 for the integration of “ECSreco”.

The new control system with the reprogrammed fermentation cellar programs and the modernised control hardware has brought CARLSBERG the following benefits:

  • Consistent recipe management
  • Version maintenance and documentation with output to Microsoft Excel
  • Optimised production planning
  • Sufficient spare capacities for future modifications or extensions